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The Providers is a cover band performing rock/pop songs from the last six decades.  The name is inspired by the fact that 6 of our 10 members are medical professionals associated with Roxborough Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, including 3 Physicians, an OR tech, X-ray Tech and a Nursing Supervisor.    We play for private parties, bars and restaurants, conventions, outdoor events, etc.  with any configuration from 4 to 9 performers.  To inquire about our services please e-mail providersrock@gmail.com; or call 267-241-4668

The Players:  ( all contribute to vocals)

Patrick Lenahen — lead vocalist

Paul Weisberg — keyboards

Ron Turksky — drums

Tina Ford — drums

Larry Doroshow — harmonica, percussion

Jim Deacon — bass

Mike Ryan — lead guitar

Erion Carcani — guitar

Chris Lane — guitar

Chris Ford — Tech Manager